Payment verification

Why do I have to be verified?

Sometimes we must manually review your order to verify your identity. Due to the digital nature of our products, we must be certain that the owner of the payment method is who placed the order or authorized the payment. We work closely with the payment processors and the authorities to fight online fraud and report suspicious activity. 

When other online retailers send you physical products, they get a signature, tracking and insurance on the merchandise. At, we send your item directly to your inbox. To keep our prices low and protect our customers and us, we have to confirm the identity of the purchaser because we don’t have the advantage of a signature confirmation.

As stated in our Terms and Conditions, we may request a photo ID.  It’s just like when you show your credit card at the department store and they ask for your photo ID! 

A representative will contact you shortly to complete the verification process, or you will receive an email with next steps.  Once complete, you’ll get your code in just minutes!

If you fail to verify your ID we will report this as a possible fraudulent transaction to our payment processor immediately, which may result in suspension of your payment method.

So, help us keep fraudsters in check and keep your identity safe.