How do I purchase from CodePal?

Select the item that you want, add it to the cart, and checkout with your preferred payment method! We offer PayPal and major credit cards.


When will I get my products?

Once we verify the purchase for security, we send you your code within minutes. Check your inbox and watch out for the spam folder!


How do I view my codes?

Once your purchase is verified, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to your products. You can also login to your account and check your order status there. If it’s your first time and you don’t have an account, both your order confirmation and your product email contain secure links to your products.


Is it safe to buy purchase from CodePal?

Yes! We take our customers’ security very seriously. Anytime you're asked to submit sensitive information, it's encrypted and secured with SSL encryption software.  Our servers are stored in secure locations with restricted access monitored closely from the outside. We deliver your products safely so you can get back to gaming right away!


How do I know if the product will work in my country?

In the product details page you can see the appropriate country uses, if any. Products marked USA can be used with USA accounts with the corresponding devices. Any products marked EU are for use by EU customers with EU accounts. Other products without a marked country restriction are available for global use.


What if my code doesn’t work?

Make sure you read the code carefully and enter it in to your system. Many of the codes have a long string of characters and the slightest typo can make it appear invalid. Check and make sure you’re online and your system settings are correct. Once you’ve gone through the checklist, if it still doesn’t work, call the CodePal customer support hotline 24/7. We’ll check the code and if it’s invalid, replace it with a new one.


How do I contact CodePal?

You can use our contact form on our Support Page .  Or, you can call the CodePal customer support hotline 24/7 +1 (800) 685-7914*.

*phone support is $0.99 per minute